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From the desk of.... Misty

Hello and welcome to ‘From The Desk of…’ series that began with Molly Bryant. This month’s post is brought to you by our former past VP of Professional Development, Misty McCubbin. Keep reading below for her top ten picks of things that make her swoon, make her happier... and inspired...


Texture, a tactile experience terrain underfoot, micro to macro. I love that this collection provokes a sense of touch with textures that push the boundaries. I can’t wait to show it in a few weeks.

Shaw Contract Extrodinary


One of the greatest quests of life is finding the perfect pair of jeans - or at least in my life. I found my match at the Nashville location of Imogene + Willie. My initial affection was won by the clean, modern branding and displays but their jeans are the real deal people. Perfect fits, stunning washes - total package. They also include a custom hem to the perfect length. You win I+W, take it, take all my money.

Imogene + Willie nashville

Nashville location situated in an old gas station.

Imogene + Willie

Everything about this place is thoughtful. Even the gift cards come in a stitched piece of raw denim.


First, IRIS: If I could choose anyone to be like when I grow up it would be Iris. You will want to be her friend, or at least go shopping with Iris, once this over. Follow THIS LINK for a Preview. 

Secondly, GREY GARDENS: Big Edie and Little Edie. Get a big bottle of wine and your best gal pals for this one. I promise you’ll be googling away about the family and quoting lines for days to come. Follow THIS LINK for a Preview.

Iris + Grey Gardens

#4. NULU...

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Louisville that has recently become a hip, hot spot chock full of art galleries, the best restaurants and local shopping. There are too many great options to list them all but these are some my favorites.


Find floral and succulent inspiration at Mahonia.

Please and Thank You


Get a chocolate chip cookie and vinyl records at Please and Thank You.


Local art, jewelry and accessories from Revelry.

Garage Bar

Lastly, enjoy Pizza, lavender lemonade, and the best house made tonic you will ever have at Garage Bar. Oh - and patio ping pong!


Just South of Indianapolis sits one of the most incredible design meccas you’ve probably not visited but should. Since the early 1940s, some of the finest architects have left their mark on this community, which has become a "mecca" of modern architecture, with works by some of the most enduring names in architecture, like I.M. Pei, Richard Meier, Robert Venturi, Eliel and Eero Saarinen, Harry Weese, and Deborah Berke, to name but a few. It worth a day or two of your time and you’ll leave already planning another trip back. There’s so much to see. First on your list should be the Miller House tour.

The Miller House


A few months ago I stumbled upon a LinkedIn article by Lena Dunham about her “apology addiction” that struck a chord with me. I’m a female from the South, it’s in my nature to apologize but I started realizing I was apologizing for things I shouldn’t. Like the time someone backed into my car and I apologized when we got out, for what I have no idea - but this gives you an idea of the scope. This helps monitor my emails for words like “sorry”, “just”, “think” and reminds me to be assertive and not undermine my message. Which is not a bad thing when done right. Don’t get me wrong the world needs all the politeness it can get; there are times that we should apologize. Like if you are the person who backs into someone’s car or my apologies to Trisha Roe Keel for taking three months to write this...Sorry Trisha. Get the plug in HERE


Inspired by sketches and drawings from her father, William Eggleston, a pioneer in color photography. They’re bold, refreshing, and the story of the love she found with her father through the process of this collaboration will endear you to her work even more. 

Sorry not sorry - Electra Eggleston Textiles


The Panda Planner is designed to help you on a monthly, weekly and daily basis track and set goals. I love it because it’s me think about my day on a deeper level by asking questions like “How I’ll improve tomorrow”, “What I’m grateful for” and “What habits I’m focusing on developing”. The purpose of this planner is to make you more effective and overall happier. Our days and our time should be about so much more than just a to-do list. 

Panda Planner

#9. MUSIC...

Just as the world needs beauty and good design we need music. I can’t imagine a day without our house being filled with music. Some of my happiest memories as a child are dancing as a family in our kitchen. These are the tunes we’re making memories with our little one right now > our SPOTIFY playlist

#10. SONOS...

If my son isn’t asleep there will probably be music playing throughout multiple rooms of our house. The easiest system we found to use is the Sonos. It allows you to have multiple speakers throughout a house wirelessly that you can control through your phone or smart device. We can all listen to the same thing or have each speaker play something different. It’s brilliant, has great sound quality, is easy even for the least tech savvy person you know and they’re gorgeous to boot. What more could you want? 




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