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HB 504 Update - 6/14/2018

HB504 Update

House Bill 504 was reported on a 10-1 vote on May 22nd by the Ohio House Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee.  The bill now awaits a final vote by the full Ohio House of Representatives before being sent to the Ohio Senate. We anticipate that the vote will occur in June prior to the adjournment for summer recess so that the Ohio Senate can consider the bill this fall.  It should be noted that any bill that does not pass both chambers of the General Assembly (the House and Senate) and get signed by the Governor by December 31, 2018 essentially “dies” and must be reintroduced in 2019. We have many months to go before this happens. See below for a list of all bill updates.


Advocacy Update

In order for House Bill 504 to receive a vote in June, we need members to contact their Ohio House members through social media (Twitter, Facebook), email and phone call, using IIDA provided talking points and messages.  Each member has only one House member so there will be only one tweet, Facebook post, email, and phone call to make! Simply click here to contact your legislator!


Bill Content Updates

Before it passed out of committee House Bill 504 received a number of changes in an effort to respond to concerns raised by AIA National. See the list of changes below:

  • The bill defines in administrative rule (the practice of architecture is defined in rule also) what is and is not considered “the practice of interior design”.   It removes references to “core and shell structural element” and “to working independently of an architect”. This specifically addresses an AIA concern.

  • The bill places clear guardrails on the practice of interior design and not infringing on the practice of architecture, engineering, and any other profession or occupation in which a person is licensed.  This addresses an AIA concern.

  • The AIA argued that regulatory oversight through the Board of Building Standards was not adequate.  They advocated that a committee be created under the Ohio Architects Board. House Bill 504 will instead create the Ohio Interior Design Examiners Board (the “Board”) governed under the Architects Board sharing administrative functions, but operating with its own rules and members (3 interior designers, 1 architect and 1 public member). This addresses an AIA concern.

  • There are requirements that the standards of practice shall be defined, rules for financial responsibility and professional liability shall be promulgated and the definition of “interior life safety plan” shall be in rule.  The Board is also required to enforce the rules and has subpoena power and the ability to incur costs. This addresses an AIA concern.

  • HB 504 outlines how an individual becomes a certified interior designer.  Language was added that applicants must have the ability to meet financial responsibility and professional liability insurance.  This specifically addresses an AIA concern.

  • The bill requires the Board to implement rules for reciprocity of interior designers from other states.  

  • The Architects Board suggested adding language regarding getting written permission from someone to submit a plan or specification.  There are instances when a designer leaves a firm, but the initial plans are left behind. In this instance there must be consent provided to submit the plans.

  • The amount of continuing education (CE) needed to renew a certificate is listed in the bill.  All 20 hours must be taken and be dedicated to health, welfare, and safety. This specifically addresses an AIA concern.

  • House Bill 504 makes changes that requires the Board to refer unpaid fines to the Attorney General for collection, and creates an extension of time for the board to not act after an alleged violation occurred.  Six months was changed to 5 years. This was an AIA suggestion.

  • New language was added that allows the Board to fine a person who does not have an interior design certificate if the Board concludes, after an administrative hearing, that the person is representing that the person is a certified interior designer.

  • Provisions were added that allows a certified interior designer to submit construction documents related to interior design to a building official for approval without the seal of an architect or engineer.   

  • There are new provisions that outline the requirement of the Board to comply with child support, human trafficking education, and disbursement of funds collected by the Board.



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