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Kent State Student Member Spotlight: Brittany Conkle

Name: Brittany Conkle

School: Kent State University

Expected Graduation Date: May 13, 2017

What is your favorite area of design? Educational

What was your favorite project in school (same as image provided)?

Retail Pop Up Store – Japanese Beauty Store designed to for a theoretical cultural fair housed in a shipping container. This project is the same as the renderings provided.

Why did you decide to get a degree in Interior Design?: 

I knew I always wanted a creative career. I wasn’t exactly sure of which path I want to take. I also loved science. After some research, I found the world of interior design. Coming from a small town, architecture and design wasn’t a popular trade. I wanted to do something different than going into the medical field or becoming a teacher like many of my other classmates. Once I really got into my major, I knew I made the right decision.

What do you love about Interior Design?:

The level of creativity that can be reached is immense. I love the aspect of space planning. Making other peoples’ lives easier and more efficient make my career enjoyable.

What is your favorite thing about your IIDA Student Membership?

IIDA is a great organization to be a part of. I think the best aspect of the Student Membership is the networking opportunities available.

Online portfolio:

            Does not currently contain all projects.


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