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Kent State University student member spotlight: Madison Doyle

Name:  Madison Doyle                                                                                           

School:  Kent State University                                                                                          

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016                           

What is your favorite area of design? Commercial/Retail

What was your favorite project in school (same as image provided)? My favorite project we have worked on so far is definitely the office headquarters, which we designed for our final project during my first semester of my third year. We were able to choose the clothing company for which we would design a headquarters along with minimal branding design to be included in our presentations. The project really allowed me to combine my passion for design and clothing into one project, which made it a very enjoyable and rewarding project! Choosing Anthropologie allowed me to be very creative with my design, and is a brand, which supports the individuality and power of women, two things that inspired me to choose their brand. Although this stands as my current favorite, we are working on designing and curating a museum in Palazzo Spini Feroni in Florence, Italy- a building with a very rich history, I am excited to continue developing my design and ideas! 

Why did you decide to get a degree in Interior Design?: My love for interior design started at a really young age, before I was in school full time my mom would take us antiquing with her, and to different art museums. Trading Spaces was my favorite show when it was on the air, I would always be asking to rearrange my room and other rooms in the house, along with creating boards with furniture and color swatches of my great plans I wanted my parents to re-do my room with. Along with my early self-claimed hobby as interior designer at age 7, growing up with a disabled brother has inspired my interest in the impact a space can have on the inhabitants lifestyle, and also quality of life. I want to be in a field where I can use my creativity to help people through designing spaces, which positively impact their experience and their life.

What do you love about Interior Design?:  I love that interior design is a field, which combines my love for creativity, design, and public service. Through interior design we have the privilege to change the experience the user has when in space; you can make the user feel happy, safe, and even inspired. I love that I am able to use my passion to positively influence one’s life by creating design solutions to meet the projects specific and unique needs.


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