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University of Akron Student Member Spotlight: Rahmah Johari

Name: Rahmah Johari

School: The University of Akron

Graduation Date: Graduated on May 15, 2016


What is your favorite area of design?

I'm interested in commercial design, specially healthcare and hospitality.


What was your favorite project in school?

     My most favorite project was the healthcare hospice design (see image above). I like it because throughout the design process I was able to see what we do as interior designers is very important and helpful. While designing, I was looking beyond codes and aesthetics to be able to design a comfortable space that improves the life of the patients before they die. This was a unique and noble goal and I enjoyed it so much.

      My second favorite project was the flight 93 pop-up museum. I had a personal connection with this project as a Saudi female. When we started the research part I was intimidated by how some students were looking at me every time someone said that the terrorist on flight 93 were Saudis. Then, I thought about it differently and I said to myself: I'm not designing for the politics, I'm designing to honor the innocent people. The people that were in that flight deserve my time and effort to do my best to design a museum that will teach the future generations about the heroes and the values of heroism, leadership, courage, and valor. Flight 93 project proved to me that designing can connect people together and build bridges between cultures. 



Why did you decide to get a degree in Interior Design?

My decision to enter the field of interior design started at the age of eight, when I decided to restructure the bedroom that I shared with my two siblings to give each of us our own private space, and I did. I used bed sheets and hung them between the lamp and the windows to divide the room. Without thinking about it, I was implementing design elements of which I had no real knowledge. I put in place egress and planned the space very well. During high school, my family encouraged me to think about studying Interior Design and the more I read about it, the more I fell in love with it.


What do you love about Interior Design?

I love how the designing of an interior can impact people's lives positively, how it improves the environment for a specific purpose so it changes people's experience within a certain space.


What is your favorite thing about your IIDA Student Membership?

I appreciate how IIDA gives the student members the chance to connect with professional interior designers. I am personally very thankful for all the events that IIDA planned because it gave me the chances to learn about the real world and to meet and connect with amazing designers.


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