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Member Spotlight: Susana Verni

Susana Verni is an Interior Designer at EOP Architects in Lexington, KY. Susana has been in the interior design industry for 4 years, though she had many years of graphic design experience prior to switching to her current role. She studied graphic design in Venezuela before coming to the U.S. to pursue her goal of obtaining an American college degree.


While working as a graphic designer in Venezuela, Susana realized she wanted her work to have more environmental meaning, and therefore decided to transition to interiors. Motivated by the impact she could have by working on the physical environment, she moved to the U.S. and attended University of Kentucky, School of Interiors. This move was truly the turning point in her career. Now as a successful designer at EOP, Susana is living out her passion of developing meaningful interiors. “Having a client say WOW as they walk through the space you’ve created is truly inspiring to me,” she says. “As a designer, it’s fun to match finishes but it’s also important to remind yourself of humans who use these spaces and how the physical environment makes them feel.”


Though she is pleased and passionate about her current career, if Susana was offered a professional “do-over” she would have done a little more in school to prepare her for the future. She recommends to students or anyone considering entering the industry to take your time exploring your options, learn from other professionals, travel, and gain experience through internships.


Susana has become more involved with IIDA and has a special interest in gaining involvement from the Lexington community. When asked what IIDA means to her, she explains that this organization is a platform to develop skills, network, make contacts in the field, and transfer knowledge.


Outside of work, Susana loves to spend time outside hiking, biking, kayaking, or doing yoga. When asked if she would continue working if she hit the lottery, she says that although she loves her job, she would love the opportunity to start her own firm. She would dedicate her business towards government/public building design where she can create functional interiors that have a positive impact on those who utilize them. If given the chance, she would also love to do some exotic traveling to some of her dream destinations, Morocco or Egypt. 



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