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Understanding IDCEC

Understanding IDCEC

Acquiring the appropriate continuing education units is essential to a professional designer’s success.  We want to make sure everyone is familiar with how IDCEC works and that you get the credit you deserve for the sessions you attend.

In 2012 IDCEC became the clearinghouse for all IIDA CEU approval, registration and sharing of CEU information. By now you should have received a letter with your IDCEC identification number and password.  If you have not received this, you should contact IDCEC to get this information.

Once you have your IDCEC number you should keep it where you can easily access it.  The most essential part of IDCEC is maintaining and monitoring your online portal through  Through the online portal you are able to:

-       Report attendance of IDCEC approved courses an conferences.

-       Report attendance of Non-IDCEC courses and conferences.

-       Upload documentation such as certificates of completion and conference attendance records.

-       Print an unofficial transcript of CEU activity.

-       Order an official IDCEC transcript.

When attending an IDCEC approved course you must provide your 10 digit number to the presenter of the course.  If you do not provide this number you will not receive credit for attendance.  Each course is assigned a class code that is specific to the course and the date and time that it was presented. 

Providers are required to submit attendance online through IDCEC. Within five business days of attending an IDCEC approved course your attendance will show up in your personal IDCEC portal.  Once the course appears in your portal you must complete a short survey about the course and then you will receive an electronic certificate of completion. 

The new IDCEC system will allow you to have an efficient and organized way to manage the credits that you acquire.  With every new system there is a learning curve so take some time to look through the IDCEC portal and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Most important of all…go get you learn on!





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