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Bowling Green State University Student Spotlight: Genevier Russell

Name:  Genevier Russell

School:  Bowling Green State University

Expected Graduation Date:  Spring 2017

What is your favorite area of design:  My favorite area of design is hospitality.  I love having the ability to bring a building, a room, a space to llife and having others admire my design.  Designing a place where people want to be is something I truly find rewarding.

What was your favorite project in school? My favorite project in school was the retail design project completed my sophomore year. The building was a turn of the century firehouse remodel to a high-end retail space. I decided to design an upscale gun shop. I used neutral colors, marble floors and even included an indoor shooting range, so customers can test the guns.

Why did you decide to get A DEGREE IN Interior Design? I decided to get a degree in interior design after realizing studying Advertising was not for me. I love being creative and being beneficial to others and Interior Design allows me to do that. I am able to be creative while helping others bring their ideas to life.



What do you love about Interior Design? What I love about Interior Design is the ability to be creative while creating safe/functional spaces. I love every process of the design phase. Although the end product and hearing feedback on my design really motivates me, I love seeing everything come together.

What is your favorite thing about your IIDA Student Membership? My favorite thing about my IIDA student membership is having the ability to meet other students and professionals in the field. I also enjoy having the ability to network at the chapter meetings and other IIDA events.


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