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Student Spotlight - Alexis Collert

Name: Alexis Collert

School: Bowling Green State University

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2019


1.    Why did you decide to pursue Interior Design?

 Since I was little, I have always known that I wanted a career in art or design.  I love how art and design can make you feel different emotions, and I wanted to be part of creating that feeling. I explored different creative avenues through my college career, and I came across Interior Design. It satisfied my desire to create environments that effect a person’s emotions. In Interior Design, I have my home, the place that I can be me. 



2.    What has been your favorite project in school?

 My favorite project was our retail design project that I did my sophomore year. It combined two of my loves, photography and design. The retail space was a camera shop, and I just wanted to create a space that modern but inspired a creative environment.