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2nd Annual Student Design Charette

Our 2nd Annual Student Design Charette occurred on Friday, October 16th at Rustbelt Reclamation in Cleveland. 25 students from the University of Akron, Kent State University, and Tri-C gathered to put their skills to the test! Students were tasked with designing a cafe in the East Bank Flatts that focused on the revitalization of Cleveland, all in 6 hours!

The students were split into 5 groups, developed a concept, sketched out ideas, then laid out a floor plan with rendered perspectives to help present their ideas. Part of the project requirement was to specify one application of Tandus-Centiva’s luxury vinyl tile (thank you Debbie Filing) and design a custom piece of millwork with the help of Rustbelt Reclamation (thank you Alex Starinsky, Christoph Schoenlein, David Meyers, & Elana Grinnell).

The students presented their final product to a panel of judges (Audrey Ruikka-HSB Architects, Christoph Schoenlein-Rustbelt Reclamation, & Therese Kish-New York Textiles & Interiors). The quality and level of detail put into the projects was impressive! Congratulations to the winning team; Danielle Becker from the University of Akron, and Abby Downey, Carolina Silva, Lauren Cameron, and Rebekah Whitten from Kent State University. They designed their space around the concept of the Phoenix, choosing a color pallette that represented a warm energy, similar to the feeling of the revitalization of Cleveland.

Thank you to all of the students for participating, Tandus-Centiva for allowing us to use their product as a requirement, and Rustbelt Reclamation for hosting us and working with the students to design a custom piece for their project.



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