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Cleveland Akron
IIDA Advocacy Symposium 2018

What a wonderful weekend to be in Chicago!

I must start my introducing myself, Kimberly Miller, the 2018-2020 Advocacy Coordinator for the Cleveland Akron City Center. Last month the Ohio Kentucky Chapter Advocacy coordinators gathered at the IIDA headquarters in One Illinois Center.

We had 28 chapters present at this year’s Symposium so we knew that this was going to be a great! Here’s a quick recap of the two day event.

Our first day was a recap of everything that has been moving within the legislation process since the 2017 Symposium in our nation. Also looking to the future, IIDA chapters will have introduced 14 new or modified pieces of legislation in 2019.

The afternoon session gave way to a great conversation with a few lobbyist that are representing other IIDA chapters and design communities. They each gave some great advice about our legislative process. Giving simple advice about getting to know your legislator(s) and how to be able to communicate with them.

We were all divided into groups and participated in a strategic planning workshop with different members within the IIDA chapters present. It was a great way to get to know others while resolving a simple problem that most chapters face.

The first day concluded with a quick ceremony for the Advocacy Award going to the New England Chapters, Aimee Schefano and her tremendous work she has done within her chapter.

The second day start bright and early as we heard from Minnesota State Representative Ray Dehn, and architect by education. Ray gave a very compelling talk giving us the tools to maintain the legislative lines of communication open. That we need to keep educating the legislators and our community as to what we do and what education we have and continue to gain through our years of experience.

In our IIDA HQ resource update we met the HQ team, Emily and Abby. As always our IIDA HQ team is always there to back us up and give us the tools to reach out to our design community and to help us keep those legislative lines of communication open.

The mid-morning session gave us a great insight to a few chapters including our own Ohio Kentucky. Northern Pacific chapter and Texas/Oklahoma shared where they are in the process and how they are gaining support within the design community and their communities at large. Northern Pacific is working to gain more external support in the community, while Texas/Oklahoma is working on legislator outreach. Each having two different areas of concentration but both are getting very successful results. Our Ohio/Kentucky gave a quick update on our House Bill 504 in the house waiting a vote late November. (Very exciting)

The afternoon brought a lively presentation with the engaging Dr. Beth Redbird from Northwest University regarding Occupational Licensure. I’ll be honest that most of us saw that slide up in the screen and getting into the afternoon of a morning of sitting, we were not sure how this was going to go. How wrong were we! Dr. Redbird’s research, although we saw just a highlight, was very compelling and of course right on point to what we are all facing with gaining occupational licensure legislation in our states. She brought a bright and well researched knowledge to us and revitalized the afternoon. I know I look forward to fully reading her paper.

We finished up the second day with a quick Advocacy model update and what it looks like now. Followed by a CIDQ update regarding the license test and the success they are having with the new online practicum section. Look for more testing dates within the month of November 2018!

What a great two days packed full of great information and peer to peer conversations. You just can’t appreciate those moments enough and to have such a wonderful design community to share it with. I know we each get buried into our own lives and we have our own personal and professional pursuits, but to have the IIDA community to bring us together and talk out some of our collectively larger issues, makes you fully appreciate power of IIDA and each chapter.


Please take a moment to reach out to your local Advocacy coordinator, we would love to hear from you.


Are you?

My best,

Kimberly Miller

[email protected]



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