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Kent State Student Member Spotlight: Emily Schwager

Name: Emily Schwager

School: Kent State University

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

What is your favorite area of design?

I enjoy the research aspect of design. I am also interested in the many aspect that go into light and furniture design and how they affect spaces. My museum project in Italy for example was a great opportunity to take what I had learned in lighting for interior spaces and apply it to an all-encompassing experience of a museum.


What was your favorite project in school (same as image provided)?

While studying abroad this past Spring I had a great opportunity to create a museum in a historic building. I choose a topic not many would expect, The Armenian Genocide. I loved learning about the historic events that went on and figuring out how to best portray the tragedy in a way that would impact people and make them think in new ways about the subject matter.


Why did you decide to get a degree in Interior Design?:

I did not know much when I first started to research Interior Design as a major. I learned a lot in a short amount of time and was instantly drawn into the balance of technical and creative work that went into the field. I talked to many people whose passion for the field made mine blossom. I knew that Interior Design was the best way for me to use my gifts to help others thrive in the buildings they occupy daily.


What do you love about Interior Design?: 

From day one my passion for Interior Design has only grown stronger. I love that I can create spaces where memories are made, were conversations happen, and inspiration develops. As a designer I have an opportunity to create beautiful and functional things many people will enjoy. I also enjoy the challenge of helping people understand why they do not like a space, or putting words to their discomfort with an environment. I get to help people in big ways, even if they don’t realize the impact.


What is your favorite thing about your IIDA Student Membership?

IIDA has been instrumental in my development as a student. I have an opportunity to grow my network and meet many interesting people. The relationships that develop from the events is incredible and there are many great opportunities to learn from professionals. The first event that impacted me was the design charrette my sophomore year in Rustbelt Reclamation. I learned a lot about the process of design, Rustbelt Reclamation, and the other students in the area. I would highly recommend being involved in what IIDA has to offer students.




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