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Student Member Spotlight - Mitch T. Wright






Name:  Mitch T. Wright     School:  Kent State University    Expected Graduation Date:  May 10th, 2014

What is your favorite area of design?:  I enjoy commercial and retail design, but have taken a huge interest on sustainability and trying to design unique concepts to solve problems. I enjoy incorporating other areas of design into spaces, such as industrial and graphic because it allows for open collaboration with other design fields.

What was your favorite project in school? Even though it was a roller coaster of emotions, my senior thesis where we had to design a micro living complex with a retail space. It allowed me to really push myself and in a sense dabble in the industrial design field which was a unique experience. It was a project I can honestly say I felt I have grown immensely from.

Why did you decide to get a degree in Interior Design?:  I started in Interior design before I technically knew what it was. I knew I wanted to work in the design field but was not sure which direction I wanted to take so finally I went in to talk to Dr. Evans and by the end of the meeting I was convinced that this is what I wanted to do. Interior Design opens so many doors and I am glad I chose this major.

What do you love about Interior Design?:  I absolutely love the sustainability side and knowing that my ideas along with collaboration of others can directly impact the end user positively. 


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