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VMCAD Embraces the Changing Economy, Becomes The North Coast College

As of June 28th, 2018, VMCAD (, formerly Virginia Marti College of Art and Design, is now know as The North Coast College.

According to Dr. Milan Milasinovic, President of The North Coast College, the change reflects a new strategic direction and effort to provide students the necessary foundation for a successful career in a fast-changing, highly competitive business environment.

“The new economy requires a well-rounded education that provides the necessary skills for jobs, but it also requires sufficient academic preparation. We have redefined the education model and introduced our Convergence Curriculum to close the gap between career and liberal arts education,” Milasinovic said.

Since assuming the role of president in June 2015, Milasinovic and his leadership team have redefined art and design education, developing a disruptive curriculum based on how the brain actually works and learns. The college’s Convergence Curriculum prepares students for an evolving marketplace that requires an integrated skill set that is the convergence of the creative/idealistic and the logical/pragmatic. The college has reimagined general education courses, putting them in a context that appeals to creatives in design-centric fields. Students take courses such as Physics and Art, The Neuroscience of Creativity, History of Revolutionary Ideas and Verbal Communication of Visual Concepts.  Dean of Academics, Patrick Melnick, recently published a paper in “A Journal of the Academy of Business and Retail Management” on the “Redefining education: the convergence of liberal arts and career school education,” which discusses in detail The North Coast College’s Principle of Convergence pedagogy.

The college is also exploring the addition of culinary programs affiliated with the prestigious New England Culinary Institute (NECI), a sister school acquired in 2017 where Milasinovic also serves as president. “Given the thriving restaurant and hospitality industry in Northeast Ohio, I believe that NECI’s established programs would be well-received.” Milasinovic added.

With synergies expected to develop between The North Coast College and NECI, the two schools may sync up their academic calendars to offer courses that apply to both the culinary arts and design fields.

The North Coast College will continue to honor its founder, Virginia Marti-Veith, by naming the fashion school the Virginia Marti School of Fashion.

This past June, the college formerly celebrated their new name and showed off recent campus upgrades. These improvements include a new façade and signage, a renovated student lounge and a large public art installation on the exterior of the building. The architectural design was completed by Dimit Architects and interiors who collaborated with the college’s interior design department.  Guests are welcome to visit the updated campus facility in Lakewood, OH during normal business hours.

More information about The North Coast College and their degree programs, including an associate and a bachelor’s degree in interior design, can be found at as well as on Facebook (@thenorthcoastcollege), Instagram (@WeTheCC) and Twitter (@WeTheNCC).



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