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Chad is the Owner of i5 Design in Paducah, Kentucky.  A graduate of Murray State University’s Interior Design program, Chad’s 20 year design career is continually inspired by the desire to do a good job for his clients.  Thereby he feels that he improves lives, families and communities.  Chad feels that a key turning point in his career was a project that he completed for a law firm in Paducah.  It was this project that made him realize that his work is about the client and their needs and not about the designer.

Chad’s advice for young designers is to learn to sell!   He also suggests to get diversity in your experience, with other designers and contractors even while you are in school.  Another suggestion he makes is to never forget how to hand sketch, you may need it.

Chad enjoys paddle boarding and Brazilian Jujitsu as his hobbies.  He states that a supportive wife helps him balance his career with his home life.  Chad says it also helps to put the phone away after hours.  When asked if he would continue working if he won the lottery, he said he would continue working, just not as much, he would do more paddle boarding!

Chad considers his personal design style to be Rustic Contemporary.  He likes it because it is clean and simple.  If he could live in any era other than present time, he would chose 1860’s on the Frontier in America.  When asked what country or place he would most like to visit, he said Fiji, who wouldn’t?





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