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Member Spotlight - Anna Damico

Anna is the Interior Designer for the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  She has been in the Design Industry for 6 years and has a B.S. in Interior Design from the University of Minnesota.

Anna feels that experiencing the real world of design has been the turning point in her career.  This came through internships and her design positions post-graduation.   The research phase of design along with realizing how design effects people’s lives, is what motivates her. 

Her favorite project has been the renovation of the Dining Hall at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Renovating that space was a way to make a positive impression on prospective and current students as well as Alumni.  The improved space gives everyone a way to enjoy themselves on campus.

Given the opportunity, Anna would advise young designers to stay flexible and appreciate the industry even if it looks different than the way you intended.

Anna’s personal design style is Scandinavian.  She likes its simplicity and function.  When asked which country she would most like to visit, she replied: Denmark.  She would also enjoy visiting Western Europe, countries such as France and Italy from a historical point of view.

When asked to tell us something we may not know about her, she says that her husband is a Pastor and that she loves Religious and Institutional Design.  She finds that it is most interesting the way it impacts the religious experience.


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