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Member Spotlight: Julie Eckert

Julie Eckert is an Account Executive for Tandus Centiva, a Tarkett Company. She also is the sitting President for CSI, Louisville. Julie has been in the interior design industry for 20+ years. Starting in commercial design, then designing wallcovering and repping floorcovering for several years.

Julie draws her motivation for her work from the people she works with. She enjoys being able to give back and help educate the younger generation who are trying to enter the industry. She believes in the importance of passing on your expertise and guidance to help strengthen the future A&D community. Julie advises all students and young professionals to build relationships with real people/professionals. Putting down your cell phone and learning from seasoned experts is how you gain valuable skills. Be enthusiastic about your industry. Love what you do!

With her longevity in the field, Julie has had the opportunity to re-invent herself many times. However, the key turning point in her career would be the education of sustainability. Helping to bring the USGBC to Kentucky was one of her favorite times in her career. Sustainability has made a difference on how she views projects and how she positions products to her clients. One of her favorite projects that she has worked on was the Transportation Building in Frankfort, KY. Julie was able to utilize her education in sustainability and efficiency to help educate the architect on the benefits of a raised floor system. Another favorite project was the Louisville Water Company. It was her first project from start to finish as a flooring rep.

Outside of work, Julie loves to spend time shooting and developing her own photography. She balances her work life and home life by being available to both 24/7, and not confining her work schedule to typical office hours. She enjoys spending time with her husband Tom, son Nicholas and Ken, a scholarship child Julie has sponsored for the last 3 years. When asked if she would continue working if she hit the lottery, she says that although she loves her job, she would love the opportunity to work part-time and travel more. If given the chance, she would also love to see Italy for the leather boots Australia to dive the Great Barrier Reef and England to photograph the churches and castles.

Julie’s dream dinner party guests would be Adam & Eve, because she would like to really understand how life started and who actually ate the apple, Oprah Winfrey, because she would love to be mentored by her. She started with nothing and has built a brand around herself while giving back to the communities. Richard Branson, for always thinking outside the box, never apologizing for his mistakes or success. Dalai Lama, for his insight on life. John F Kennedy, because she would love to ask him “what great things do you think you would have accomplished as a sitting president if you had not been shot?” Theodore Roosevelt, as president, Teddy established the United States forest service. He created 5 National Parks, 51 bird reserves, 4 game preserves, and 150 national forests.  Roosevelt believed that conservation was a national duty, not a privilege. Lastly, her deceased Dad, he was my compass in life. Kind, compassionate and new how to get me to focus on the important things in life.



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