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Member Spotlight: Tammy Randall
Tammy Randall is an award-winning lead interior designer and partner of LL&A Interior Design. In her 33-year career, she has devoted herself to the art of design and loves creating unique spaces that reflect the individuals who inhabit them. Tammy’s motto is work hard, play hard. She believes both are possible and the key is finding your own lane, your own vibe and your own way.
Having earned her interior design degree from Sullivan University, Tammy is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and past board member and current member of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). She loves being a part of IIDA because it offers an industry community for like-minded people to come together and share, learn and network. Her favorite IIDA event is Product Runway; she and her team love participating. They love seeing all of the garments created with the variety of manufacturer’s products and enjoy the party-like atmosphere when the models hit the runway.
She is proud to be associated in the industry for over 33 years and has devoted her career life to her first love - the art of design. She credits her career to her high school art teacher who saw a talent in her that she had not considered pursuing. It was because of her, Tammy is in this spotlight.
Tammy respects her colleagues and is proud to be a part of the design team at LL&A. She is also the creative writing and design blogger of the LL&A blog. Tammy learns every day from the dedicated women at LL&A and says, “Love what you do and surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you. In doing so, the production of your work will showcase much more effectively, from conception to execution”.
In the design industry she believes it is important to be resourceful and open to change and fresh new ideas. She’s witnessed the down turn of the economy and managed to soldier on and reinvent a new normal for that period during the hardships and says, “It was amazing how resourceful a person can be when faced with a new reality.”
Tammy also has a strong appreciation for new talent and their approach to the design field. She loves being involved in mentoring, with her invested years, she appreciates the opportunity to share her history, dedication and work ethic that have sustained her design career. She is passionate about sharing her design knowledge with students and the LL&A interns. Her advice for a successful and long career is to get an education and immerse yourself in various networking opportunities such as IIDA, ASID and other young professional groups. Never stop learning and always stay inspired.
Tammy volunteers at local charities and spends time with her family on her horse farm. The key to her sanity is the love of her husband, boys, grandson and family, dear friends, horses, dogs, home, her travels, yoga and a healthy lifestyle. Tammy never leaves home without her lipstick and heels. You never know who you will meet during the course of the day. Preparation is key.


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