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Designer Spotlight - Jamie Tscherne IIDA, LEED AP ID+C


When I was approached about writing this piece, I was flattered and excited, but quickly developed a case of writer’s block. So many questions entered my mind: What could I say that other designers would want to read? With my “three desks,” which one would my fellow designers want to hear from? And what exactly do I want to say? But as with so many design challenges, it came to me while driving home.


So here it is; eleven things I LOVE about our profession in general and my job in particular! And of course an obligatory disclaimer: These are in no specific order and by no means cover everything, but rather what I’ve been experiencing lately. ;)

ONE- I love that ah-ha moment when the pieces of the design puzzle come together and the design challenge doesn’t seem like quite the challenge it was before.

TWO- I love a new paint fan deck fresh out of the packaging with its crisp strips, smooth edges, and no sign of folds, paperclips, or sticky notes.

THREE- I love my old paint fan deck with remnants of countless projects, residue from my sticky notes as color schemes came together, and the crinkles and folds that identify my favorite neutrals and accents that have been the perfect tone for so many interior projects.

FOUR- I love that empty building shell or that “background” floor plan that’s staring at me, waiting for its interior to be brought to life, wanting a creative and functional design solution that I have been entrusted to develop.

FIVE- I love the look of awe on my clients’ faces as I present a furniture option, carpet pattern, or some specific product or material that they have instantly fallen in love with as much as I did when my rep first revealed it to me.  

SIX- I love that moment as I get in my car after meeting with a client, and am able to let out a huge sigh of relief, and not necessarily because the meeting was super productive or my design solution was “perfect,” but because we are moving forward and I know exactly where to go from here.

SEVEN- I love mentoring design students and interns, observing their progression as they find their place in our industry, and witnessing their sense of accomplishment as they realize the value of their contribution to each project that has come in and out of our company’s door.

EIGHT- I love the moment after I finish that last specification and hit “send” on the email to our office manager exclaiming “I’m done!” We all know it’s only temporary because there will probably be changes via addendum. But dang, does it feel good right now!

NINE- I love stamping “approved” on construction shop drawings that are submitted exactly as specified and require no notes.

TEN- I love doing the punchlist and final walk-through of a completed building project, carefully inspecting every aspect to verify it’s as drawn and specified, seeing that my vision has come to fruition, and experiencing the delight of my client as they prepare to move in and begin a new chapter of their life in this space that has filled the pages of my daily life for so many weeks, months, or years.

ELEVEN- I love my tape measure!