Sep 26 02:00pm to 07:30pm

It's coming up fast! September 26th, join us for our re-branded, local design show called neOHcon (formally known as Post NeoCon)! 

Just a reminder that registration for all vendors will close on Monday 8/12 @ 11:30pm.

2 CEUs will be offered at neOHcon this year! (Remember December 31st, 2019 marks the end of a compliance period!) Our first one will be held at 2:30pm and the second at 4:30pm. 



2:30pm CEU Presentation Overview:

Workplace Mobility. What is it and how do you plan for it? Building on foundational information – what is driving mobility, defining where, when and how it is taking place, and what all the terms mean – the course identifies different approaches organization can take to support mobility in their workforce, the benefits and challenges of different approaches, and the critical importance of addressing people, technology and place when assessing mobility and creating a defined mobility program.
Learning Objectives:
-Define the drivers of workplace mobility
-Understand how organizations and workers approach mobility
-Identify the tools and metrics available to measure mobility.
-Recognize the people, technology and spatial components of workplace mobility.

4:30pm CEU Presentation Overview:

Developed by Takeform, this one credit AIA approved course engages with the essential strategies and elements of wayfinding, signage systems, and importantly, the role of wayfinding in communicating brand and shaping user experience. This CEU also includes ADA compliance, effective project management, and budgetary considerations.
Learning Objectives:
Direct + Connect-Discuss the increasing importance of wayfinding, its impact on experience, and how it can both complement space and build an organization's brand.
People, space and intuitive navigation-An overview of the different ways people navigate unfamiliar space and how wayfinding should be considered early in the design process.
Comprehensive Wayfinding-Discuss holistic wayfinding – when and where wayfinding guidance should begin and the tools available for each situation.
Wayfinding system design process-A step-by-step overview of the wayfinding development process including fact finding, logic development, design, manufacturing,implementation, and ownership services. Also included are some points to consider when evaluating wayfinding partners.