Oct 4 11:00pm
Zero Landfill 2019 - Sample Drop Off

We are charging for delivery/pick-up again of furniture boxes. Thanks to our gracious furniture dealers for donating their time and effort to this event!

There is always the option for self drop-off as well, which is still free.

 One "ticket" purchase will give you up to five chair boxes. Please be cognizant that as you fill these boxes someone needs to be able to move these to our final destination. Please don't fill above the fill line on the boxes and remember things like tile are much heavier than upholstery. Boxes that are too heavy, over-full, or full of books, binders, or trash may be refused.

Boxes will be delivered Friday, September 13th. So we can properly coordinate delivery/pick-up schedules with the dealers, when you checkout you will need to indicate how many boxes you need and if your office closes at noon on Friday's.